Sunday, January 3, 2016

About The System


ELECTROPATHMEOPATHY is a new 5th. plant-oriented system of herbal medicine. The Electro Homoeopathic remedies purify the lymph and blood streams of the human body.
With Electro Homeopathy we can find and destroy the gravest of Diseases Electro Homoeopathy has four fundamental laws: Law of Similar - Complex Complexis Curantur Complex remedies - Combinations Infinitesimal Dose - Diluted form of positive and negative dose Selection of remedy -Temperament of the patient i.e. lymphatic, sanguine, mixed or nervous What is Complex Complexis Curantur? This means that a complex body requires a complex mixture. For example, the human body is classed as compact and is therefore complex. So when disease occurs in the body, more than one part is involved. Diseases can produce many symptoms and therefore complex medicine is required to work on the complex diseases. 

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